Building The Parallel Internet (Or Not) And Associated Problems

from the running-out-of-IP-addresses dept

A good article about the debates currently going on about how and if we should go about switching from IPv4 to IPv6. The article gives a good explanation of the problem in simple terms: that as more and more devices beyond just computers get connected to the internet, each is going to need a separate internet address – and with current standards we’re going to run out of numbers pretty soon. So, along comes IPv6 which offers many more numbers, but there’s quite a interoperability problem – and just about everything will need to be upgraded. Of course, there are also people who say we’re focusing on the wrong problem in the first place, and there’s no need to switch to IPv6 at all. People have been talking about this for a while, and I haven’t followed the debate too closely, but I imagine it’s on the verge of heating up a bit.

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Comments on “Building The Parallel Internet (Or Not) And Associated Problems”

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1 Comment
Phillip Temple says:

Slashdot covering same subject

Also Slashdot is covering this CNN article on the same subject. Quick summary: it’s inevitable… oh yeah people have said that since 1997… but NAT has taken off some burden.. oh but now ICANN is politicised beaurocracy… why do I want people hacking into my fridge, let’s reuse IPv2 addresses and use OpenDNS to free ourselves from tyranny… u suck.. no u suck…


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