Black Box For Operating Rooms

from the putting-too-much-pressure-on-doctors-or-saving-lives dept

Someone is working on developing a black box for doctors that will record what they say and do during any operating procedure. Some people think this is a good thing, while others are afraid that it will put undue pressure on doctors in the operating setting. In response to that, the creator of the device says that pilots don’t appear to have any additional pressure from the fact that the black box is in the cockpit. Of course, that’s a pretty different scenario.

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Comments on “Black Box For Operating Rooms”

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sb says:

No Subject Given

so? just b/c people try to sue, its not the damn black boxes fault. lets ban cars, since people sue when they crash them,…..lets ban food, since you can sue if you get food poisoning…

you morons, put in the black box, to control these corrupt motherfuckers,,,,and CONTROL who gets to sue,,,,who even gets ACCESS to it….

not every asshole can listen to the plans black box,,,and it should be likewise

doctors are just as incomptenant as others in any profession….its just harder to tell

mhh5 says:

Re: ohmygod..

spongebrain might actually have a somewhat logical argument in there.

I’m not saying doctors are corrupt. I’m not saying that there aren’t enough lawsuits…. I do wonder, though, if doctors can learn from other doctor’s mistakes. If a black box isn’t used as a tool for deciding punishments, it might actually serve as a useful educational tool.

And the only difference I see between a pilot and a doctor is that when the plane goes down, so does the pilot…

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