Plenty Of Tech Companies Still Waiting To Fail

from the the-optimistic-viewpoint dept

Thought all the dot coms were dead and buried? Not yet. There are (of course) still plenty of them left and expect a bunch of them to go out of business in the next few months. The funny thing that I’ve seen from folks I know still working at “dot coms” is that they take one of two attitudes. (1) Denial. I still hear people saying that they’re building “the next great internet company”, but can’t explain how they’re actually going to build the next great profit. I get worried when anyone says that because I don’t care that they’re an “internet” company. I want to know how they’re going to build a great company. Period. (2) Acceptance. These are folks who work at companies they know are doomed, but continue to keep working for the hell of it, as they wait for the hatchet to fall. That seems like a particularly pitiful job – but with the job market flooding with out of work dot commies, it probably makes sense to keep a paycheck coming in while you can.

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