What Do Kids Have In Their Backpackes

from the oh,-the-kids-these-days dept

Wired tries to find out what the cool kids carry around in their backpacks these days. Apparently, anyone who’s anyone has a cell phone, a pager, and a CD player. I’m not sure I understand why people need a phone and a pager, but that’s just the efficiency side of my brain speaking. It’s interesting that according to some (but not others) CD players still outrank MP3 players on the coolness factor. My favorite quote in the article, though, is about how you don’t want your backpack to be too unique: “Personalization isn’t cool. It’s for kids with nothing better to do with their time.” Good to see that peer pressure to conform is still a big thing in high schools. Anyway, like just about any article that ever tries to generalize about what’s going on with high school kids, I’m sure if you showed this article to just about any single high school student – they’d find something that was wrong about it.

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