TV Ads On Web Pages

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As advertisers and sites that rely on advertising get more and more desperate they’re trying out all sorts of new methods of advertising. The latest attempt is CBS Marketwatch offering full length television ads embedded within their site. I doubt these will be all that successful. Either customers need to click on the ad (which will be very rare) to see it play, or they could be started automatically – which would probably piss off a lot of low bandwidth visitors.

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Comments on “TV Ads On Web Pages”

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1 Comment
stavrosthewonderchicken says:

Korean sites have been doing it...

…for a long time, or something similar. Most of the big Korean language sites (my wife’s Korean, so I see ’em a fair bit) not only tend to litter their front pages with what seems like hundreds of annoying animations, but they’ve been replicating TV ads (some in their entirety) with Flash for a long time now. Of course, Korea has an incredibly high penetration rate for DSL, so that’s not annoying in any way other than purely aesthetic for most site users.

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