Good Decision On

from the got-the-domain-name...-now-what? dept

In 1995 someone at Pepsi registered the domain, even though he wasn’t sure what they were going to do with it. Now, it turns out that their online promotion with Yahoo! last year was one of the most successful ad campaigns Pepsi has ever run – certainly well worth the $35/year it cost to register and hang onto the domain.

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Comments on “Good Decision On”

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sb says:

The domain name is IRRELEVANT

what are you talking about!?!

You and the article speak as if the whole thing was made possible since he got that domain name…..The domain name is IRRELEVANT.

The same shit would have transpireed if he used “” ..The point is that the PROJECT was concieved & implemented, not the decision to get a fucking domain name..

Mike (profile) says:

Re: The domain name is IRRELEVANT

Yup. That’s a good point that you’re completely right about. It would be even more powerful if you didn’t try to trash me in saying it.

Anyway, the point of the post was really about how the promotion was organized – and not about the domain name. Talking about how they held onto the domain name was just an amusing way to lead into it. Most people probably figured that out without finding the need to curse at me.

m says:

Re: Re: The domain name is IRRELEVANT

Yes, your point is well taken, but of course some people have to be nasty and mean in their reply. I am sure that the person who made the nasty reply isn’t so tough on the other side of the computer. Of course I am sure that he will flame me and of course I accept that. It just shows how immature some people are but if I don’t get flamed then I will owe a complete apology.
keep posting. you had a good point.

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