The Weekend Expands To Friday

from the no-news-Fridays dept

I usually post less news on Fridays because there just isn’t as much going on. The month of August is usually a light month as well, since everyone seems to go on vacation then. So, it’s no surprise that this first Friday in August is extraordinarily slow in news. However, it was fitting to find this story about how slow Fridays have become. Most companies won’t report news on Fridays unless they’re trying to sneak something by the analysts (a strategy that probably doesn’t work at all). Some people are blaming the concept of “casual Fridays” which seems like a bit of a stretch. However, the article also mentions a study has found an increase of “lateness, sluggishness, absenteeism and even flirtatiousness” on Fridays. That’s right. If you’re sitting around at work, bored out of your mind today, go flirt with someone. It’s the thing to do.

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