Economic Slowdown? Not Here

from the things-are-still-moving-quickly dept

The latest column by Thomas Stewart saying that despite all this talk of the “economic slowdown” the bar for “speed” has been raised and isn’t going to drop any time soon. Things happen much faster in busienss these days and people have become used to it. So, sure, while the economy may be cooling off somewhat – people and companies are still “speeding” along.

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Comments on “Economic Slowdown? Not Here”

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1 Comment
Brian (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I fail to see the connection between “the speed of business” and the economy. True the technology sector is one PART of the economy, but the welfare of REAL GDP growth doesn’t rest solely upon it.
We are still learning the behavior of technology as an industry. I concede that the Internet did change a lot of rules, and it did speed things up. However, it didn’t create a digital revolution where “this time it’s different”. Core business fundamentals still prevail, and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this slow down.

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