A Sound Criminals Cannot Ignore

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Some scientists in the UK have developed a sound no criminal can ignore. Yes, I know this sounds odd, but apparently, they’ve worked out some special set of frequencies that makes it incredibly easy to pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from. Combined with the natural instinct to look towards any surprising sound, and you’ve got yourself a security trick. You just add this sound to a security camera, and it blasts the sound when it catches a criminal in the act, making them automatically (often without realizing it, according to the report) turn and look directly at the camera. I’d be interested in hearing exactly what it is about this sound that makes it impossible to ignore. Anyway, the technology is also being used so that when a cell phone rings in a public place (like a movie theater) it’ll be much easier to figure out who’s the idiot who didn’t set their phone to vibrate, so you can beat them up.

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Comments on “A Sound Criminals Cannot Ignore”

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Captain Stress says:

No Subject Given

There’s a real audio version of the report in the left hand column of the article that includes a clip of the sound. It sounds like an annoying clock radio alarm.

I tested turning away from my speakers before hearing the alarm and the sound did not compel me to look back around. Granted, there’s a disclaimer in the report that says it may not work through a “small radio.”

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