Voice Over DSL Becoming A Reality?

from the yeah,-but-how-long-can-you-do-without-phone-service dept

News.com is talking about the possible resurgence of voice over DSL. There are some clear benefits, especially for people who want multiple phone lines and internet access in one shot. However, the reason I would be scared of such things is my experience with DSL: insanely long wait times for installs, incompetent install procedures and technicians (I once had a DSL technician come very very close to electrocuting himself in my living room), and, more importantly, down times and the threat of extended downtimes. I didn’t have DSL for a month and a half due to Northpoint going out of business. How would you feel if you lost phone service for that long? While I’m not a fan of phone companies, at least they keep the dialtone there.

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