Banners Build Brands

from the aha dept

When banner ads first showed up on the internet, I thought the whole concept of the “click-through” was ridiculous – why would companies want to send people away from their site? At the same time, I could see how banners were useful strictly for branding. If I see enough banners, I might not click through on any of them, but I’ll remember some of the brands I see. It seems that most people (or at least companies involved in advertising) felt the other way around (and made lots of money in doing so). They pushed the whole click through model (though more and more companies have been abandoning it) as a good metric to use for the value of advertising. Now, here’s a study that points out that banners do help to increase brand awareness. Of course, you could also say that X10 has increased their brand awareness greatly with their damn pop ups as well – though much of it is (hopefully) negative. Update: Ah. Perfect timing. Here’s an article saying that more and more companies won’t give click through data anymore, because they don’t think it matters.

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Comments on “Banners Build Brands”

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mlr says:

No Subject Given

media metrix claims X10 was the 4th most visited site for the month of june… probably just people looking for a way to get rid of those hideous pop unders.

you can get rid of them for 30 days by going to:

this sets a cookie on your machine that expires after 30 days. but you can probably just modify the DAY=30 to DAY=365 and maybe the cookie won’t expire for a year.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Yeah, I’ve seen that but I have major problems with it. Why should I need to opt out? I never had the choice of opting in. Besides, it also means I need to go to their site, and I don’t want to give them any more traffic. I’ve always avoided plugins that wipe out ads, but I’m seriously considering ones that will get rid of pop ups.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

Turning ad’s off is a form of stealing. Sites that use ads use them simply because they cant afford them out of their pockets.

Most webmasters, given the choice to have a site without ads that is fully financed through some other means, would jump at it. Until something like that comes, or until people stop minding to pay subscription fees to thousands of sites, ads will never die.

If you disable ads you disable the webmasters only way of making money from their site.

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