Dreadful VC Pitches

from the how-not-to-get-venture-capital dept

Here’s a quick, funny one. Blueprint Ventures is an early stage VC firm and they shared some of the more amusing unsolicited email pitches they’ve received. And since you must be curious: no, I’ve never wondered why no one ever programmed ATMs to automatically call the police if you put your PIN in backwards.

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Comments on “Dreadful VC Pitches”

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Duffman says:

Hard to believe...

..that people would actually send in crap like that. This sort of reminds me of this article, in that people don’t seem to care as much in their electronic communications as written ones. I’m sending out sponsorship letters for a conference I’m chairing right now, and I proofread them multiple times – I know that even asking for a pittance, if I had something like a spelling mistake, I could kiss any donation goodbye. Why people would send in half-assed e-mails like that is beyond me. Plus they don’t sound like the best proposals in the first place!

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