Prince Charles Says Computer Games Are Bad

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Okay, so there’s a large population of readers who read Techdirt from UK domains. Perhaps they can explain what’s going on with their countrymen. First, we have a Nobel Prize winner from the UK telling us that Legos are bad and now Prince Charles is trashing computer games. Why is it that people automatically assume that what they went through is better than what’s available now?

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Comments on “Prince Charles Says Computer Games Are Bad”

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UK reader says:


First off, the word is Lego. it is not and never has been “Legos” Sheesh! And yes, in many respects what the article said about lego v mecanno is true, though of course seeing it is journalism the case is vastly over-stated. Using mecanno does introduce you a completely different set of structural concepts from lego – it is much more engineering than architecture might be one way of stating it. Mecanno also never went down the route that Lego has of having hundreds of specialised parts for particular models: you were expected to bend and mutilate if you had to!

The lego mindset is quite different from mecanno, though I am not saying that is better or worse.

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