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Study Says Pirating Movies Is A Big Problem

from the er...-no-it-doesn't dept

Well, it looks like it’s almost time for the MPAA to follow in the RIAA’s footsteps and freak out about digital piracy. Here’s an article about a study saying which movies are being pirated online. The article says that the study “underscores Hollywood’s susceptibility to copyright piracy on the Web”. I hate to be the contrarian here, but, well… it doesn’t underscore that at all. Nowhere do they give any actual numbers. How many downloads are there? Who cares? Where’s the evidence that it’s actually costing movie studios/theaters money? There is none. Have any of these people ever actually tried to watch a movie on their computer screen? It’s not exactly the same experience as catching it in the theater. Okay, sure, maybe it will be a problem at some point in the future, but I’m not going to believe a study that doesn’t even give numbers. Also, I haven’t even mentioned the fact that the company that made the study isn’t exactly an uninterested third party. They make money by getting copyright holders to pay them to catch people pirating stuff on the web. The bigger the problems appears, the more money they’re going to make. Seems like a bit of a bias.

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