Digital Convergence As The Anti-Dot-Com

from the a-different-kind-of-stupidity dept

An amusing article pointing out that Digital Convergence and their ridiculous CueCat scanner idea is really the opposite of a dot com. While everyone’s making fun of dot coms that gave stuff away for free (that is, focusing only on the consumers needs and not at all on the needs of the business), Digital Convergence never even thought about why a consumer would want one of their little mouse ad scanners. All they thought about was how it could make money for companies. A nice little example of my complaint about many business: they have a one track mind. Companies need to learn how to balance things. Expenses have to be compared to revenue. Costs need to be compared to benefits. I’ve said before that too many startups used to only focus on the benefits they got out of deals and never the costs. Now they’ve shifted back the other way and focus only on the costs of things. That’s just as unhealthy in my opinion. The smart company learns how to balance these factors to create a real, sustainable business.

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