MSN Messenger Still Not Working

from the ouch dept

This certainly does not look good for Microsoft. For a company that is pushing people to run all their online services through Microsoft’s system, what does it say that they (1) can’t keep a simple service like IM running (2) don’t seem to respond for days when people complain that it’s down and losing data and (3) can’t get it back up and running after six days. Not that this is a big surprise, but I think I’ll be passing on using any major .Net services.

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Comments on “MSN Messenger Still Not Working”

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David says:

stupid lousy msn

I’ve been down for six days now. Luckily, I use Yahoo Messenger for most of my work contacts and have only leisure contacts on MSN, but think of how my business would be affected were that reversed? I think I’ll stick to Yahoo.

Why is it that kick a__ companies like Metricom die while The Beast that is MS keeps rolling?

– david

Chelsea says:


my msn doesnt work, everytime i try to sign in it comes up with this:
“We were unable to sign you in to the .NET Messenger Service, possibly because of a problem with you Internet connection. Please try again later. 0x81000370”

I did try again later!!! (half hour)nothing is working!! if you try to e-mail me, it won’t work, i can only check it through MSN Messenger!! Not even going to , that does nothing!!! PLEASE help me, I really need to get on!! I will appreciate your advice for me!

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