Amazon Drops Free Shipping Policy

from the ha-ha.--it-was-just-a-fake. dept

Amazon has stopped offering free shipping if you order two or more items. They claim this program, which they just started two weeks ago was merely a test anyway. The move to drop it had nothing to do with customer feedback. They were always planning on letting it run for two weeks (this has a George Orwell, history rewriting feel to it). They certainly fooled Barnes & Noble, though. B&N started offering free shipping themselves, in response, earlier this week. I wonder if they’ll stop after two weeks too. They can always claim it was just a test. Also, Amazon says they’ve lowered the prices they had bumped up during the test.

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Comments on “Amazon Drops Free Shipping Policy”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: lowered prices

All right! Here’s my chance to make fun of Duffman, who has been one of our best readers and often catches me making mistakes or not reading carefully enough. 🙂 The last sentence of my post points out that they’re lowering the prices they had raised. It was, however, my first question as well, thinking they would conveniently forget the price increases – but they clearly state they haven’t.

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