Robots Who Follow The Sun

from the keep-on-moving dept

Had enough of Mars robots that run out of power (assuming they actually do land, of course)? Now, some scientists are testing a new solar powered robot that moves with the sun to make sure it stays powered all the time. I would think such a robot probably has to move pretty fast to keep up. And what happens if it messes up just once? Is that the end for our trusty robot? Anyway, the link is a NY Times link because I’m just trying to piss off those of you who refuse to give in and register with them (or, at the very least, find one of the many many publicly available username/password combos that works at the site).

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Comments on “Robots Who Follow The Sun”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: sun following robots

Ha! Good idea on finding the article… (and good point about the internalized anger – it makes a lot of sense, actually). Anyway, I’m a transplanted New Yorker in California so I need to learn to “go with the flow” a little more. I guess any mention of NY (NY Times, NY Yankees) just snaps me back into New Yorker mode… Maybe I’ll get a shrink to look into it. That’s a California thing to do, right? 😉

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