Locking Up The Web

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Salon is running scared. They’re now running a series of articles about media consolidation and how it’s a threat to the internet. The first piece focuses on AOL and Microsoft, and complains about how all the independent content sites are getting killed off. The article might be a little more interesting if Salon didn’t come off as a cry-baby loser of the internet age. It’s really not such a big surprise that media conglomerates are trying to take over more and more of the internet. It’s not such a big surprise that small, independent content sites that never had a real, sustainable business model are going out of business. It does no good to whine about it, though. The article doesn’t even attempt to suggest an alternative or anything that can be done. It’s all doom and gloom. If that’s the attitude they’re going to take, then they deserve to be snuffed out by the big media players.

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