Convenience Stores Go Online In Japan

from the buy,-pick-up,-and-pay dept

In Japan, a bunch of convenience stores are setting up systems to allow people to choose what they want to buy online and then go to the local convenience store to pay and pick up the product. Of course, if you’re doing all that, why bother to make the initial purchase online in the first place?

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Comments on “Convenience Stores Go Online In Japan”

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Anonymous Coward says:

ignorant gijin

…because convenience (like Famlimart or Lawsons) are more common than post offices.

If you *read* the article, you’ll see that the
stores are being used as a drop point for goods
you could not otherwise obtain at the convenience
store. The clerk/PoS terminal acts as a trust
verification system.

Due to high population densities and heavy traffic congestion, the FedEx/UPS model fails miserably in Japan.

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