Sending Yahoo Execs To Jail

from the seems-a-bit-extreme dept

A group called the American Family Association is trying to send Yahoo executives to jail for being pornographers. Seems a bit extreme. As many lawyers in the article point out, there doesn’t seem to be much of a case – considering that Yahoo has no knowledge of what’s being posted, and whenever any illegal materials has been pointed out to them, they’re quick to take it down. Of course, the head of the AFA is quick to suggest a bit of a conspiracy theory in return: “Yahoo’s liability is extreme. They’re not just doing this by accident.” Right. They’re not doing “this” by accident. They’re not doing anything, except running a pretty useful service – that occasionally people abuse. Besides, it actually sounds like the guy from the AFA must visit more porn sites in an average day than the majority of the world’s porn surfers. How else is he finding all this stuff?

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