Get Your Web Surfing Glasses Now

from the carpal-eyeball-syndrome dept

Okay, no, I’m not making fun of ergonomics or RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome. I know all those things are real and important etc… However, something does seem a bit odd when a company is offering special web surfing glasses to be sold in drugstores, to help people deal with eye strain from sitting in front of a computer all day. Is there any evidence that these things actually help? I’m not sure I’d trust a cheapo pair of drugstore glasses. Plus, the fact that they’re recommended for use when surfing the web, and not just when using a computer, makes me wonder how serious they are. Apparently, similar products have failed in the past as consumers “just didn’t seem to get it”. Maybe consumers just don’t need it.

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Comments on “Get Your Web Surfing Glasses Now”

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Chris Palmer says:

Surfing Glasses

My understanding, from various articles and a talk with my eye doctor, is that the problem with computer monitors is that the monitor is not quite sharp enough, so the eye has a hard time focusing. The eyestrain comes from continually focusing back and forth trying to find a sharp point that really doesn’t exist.

I don’t see how these glasses would address this problem, perhaps by adding contrast and thus apparent sharpness?

lissell says:

reading glasses

A while go i was reading an article ( i think it was in Discover) that talked about special glasses for young readers. They were supposedly designed to cut down on the amount of damage caused by reading a lot at a young age. They seemed to work but the manufacturers had a hard time convincing parents that the glasses were a good idea. This just seems like a similar product with a slightly larger demographic.

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