Can't Trust Anything You Read Online

from the don't-believe-a-word-of-it dept

Remember that story I posted Friday about the dot com homeless. I almost commented on the oddity of a guy making $100,000/year suddenly becoming homeless – wondering how he could have possibly wasted all his money, but chose to believe the story. Silly me. Turns out that there’s a lot more to the guy than what was written in that original article. Seems he’s been quite the drifter for the past few years, completley disappearing on multiple occasions. Salon also has another article about not necessarily trusting all the sob stories you hear online. While not as bad as the Kaycee Nichole case, Keith Dawson (an acquaintance of mine) set up a non-profit organization to raise money for people in need. He had sent out an email last week to that effect about Marcia Blake, who had some medical problems (the article explains the details). I had received Marcia’s original plea for help a few months back over email, but chose to ignore it, not knowing anything about her. Keith’s email last week had me thinking that it was certainly more credible, but the Salon article points out where even Keith was a little too gullible in believing Marcia’s story. I’m just not going to trust anyone any more.

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