What's The ROI On Corporations Buying Home PCs For Employees?

from the back-to-fundamentals dept

Is it any surprise with the economy the way it is – and everyone talking about profitability, ROI, and fundamentals – that people are starting to have doubts about all those programs to buy employees home PCs? Analysts and those who know too much about accounting are starting to ask what’s the payoff to companies like Ford and Delta who are trying to offer all of their employees free or subsidized PCs. The answer seems to be that it’s not really quantifiable. Some say that workers will be able to get more work done, or that they’ll be happier, more loyal and more productive. Others, however, say, that mostly it’s family members who are playing games on the computer, and employees (instead of being happier and more loyal) may be angrier and upset at being forced to take work home. Of course, since these plans are all voluntary, I don’t see how that last one is likely. I think it’s more likely that workers are happy their employers are offering them something of value – but that doesn’t mean the bean counters won’t kill the offerings in the future.

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