British Study Predicts The End Of Email

from the that-can't-be-right dept

Todd writes “Consumers’ Association experts say that, after a brief reign, e-mail is poised for exile to a distant backwater of cyberspace. I think the survey is a bit misleading. It’s not surprising that many people prefer face to face meetings – but that doesn’t mean they’ll ditch email altogether.

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Comments on “British Study Predicts The End Of Email”

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George Washington says:

Those Wacky Brits

Perhaps when you live in a tiny country, it’s ok to hop in the lorry and have a bit of a chat with your friends and/or biz associates. Here in the states, most people would rather email the details and skip the long airplane flight to make what will most likely be ABM (another boring meeting).
I guess across the pond, anyone can tack on “expert” to the end of their title.
The only time email will decline is when video conferencing takes over. The old farts won’t live forever – and neither will their old ideas.

Duffman says:

Re: Those Wacky Brits

I have to agree with George here. Stereotypes aside, I think that the size/distance issue plays a large role in things. However, I know how frustrating it can be trying to resolve an issue over email – you don’t know if a person’s lazy, or ignoring you, or just not around if they don’t reply. It’s a two-sided coin.

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