Some Downloaders Don't Buy Albums

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A new study to throw some fuel on the fire of the music downloading debate. This study says that 5.5% of people who have been downloading music haven’t been buying CDs. I’m sure the music industry will use this to say there’s a growing trend of people who are freeloading. However, I think 5.5% is pretty small, and there’s no indication that these people would have bought CDs if they hadn’t downloaded the music. They might have just listened to the radio. Plus, any additional buying from the other 94.5% could very easily over compensate for the CDs the 5.5% didn’t buy.

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Comments on “Some Downloaders Don't Buy Albums”

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u2604ab says:

No Subject Given

I’m one of the 5%.

At the beginning of the mp3 craze, I bought more retail albums than I had during the past 10 years — simply because I could listen and know that I _really_ liked the shit before throwing down cash. So often in the past, I’d bought an album for one song, and hated the rest of the record. That stopped happening.

When the record companies started bitching, suing, and greed-mongering, I decided to no longer support the bastards with my dollars. They can kill Napster, but they’ll never kill Gnutella.

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