Is One-To-One Marketing Dead?

from the it-should-be dept

One-to-one marketing is a buzzphrase that has seriously outlived its usefulness. Here’s an article pointing out that many people have said that one-to-one marketing on the web is doomed. Though, the article tries to take the other side, and say that marketers haven’t tried enough, or haven’t done the right things, I think he’s wrong. I think the whole concept of “one-to-one marketing” is flawed. It assumes that the consumers want to be marketed to. It’s still a very one-directional viewpoint of what a marketer can give a consumer in exchange for information. Sure, marketers want that, but consumers don’t. Consumers want something that fulfills a need. It’s plain and simple. If marketers focus on working with consumers to find out what needs they have, then who needs one-to-one marketing any more?

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Comments on “Is One-To-One Marketing Dead?”

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1 Comment
Mark says:

I agree, the concept is flawed...

But not for the same reasons a Mike. True, the assumption is that consumers want to be marketed to (and they clearly don’t). I think that the whole notion of one-to-one proceeds from the concept of personalization of transaction (as stated in the article), but apart from the consumer, where is the other “one”. Its actually None-to-one marketing since all that exists on the marketer’s end is a large database system. I don’t think you’ll have much luck replicating the personal car-dealer ot stereo-shop “pitch” (which is what the author seems to be after) with an approach like that.

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