And Then There Was One

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Wired takes a look at the “last” of the independent online news magazines: Salon. They talk about how desperate the situation has become, and about the subscription service and what it will take to get it working. Overall, the mood of the article isn’t very optimistic about Salon’s chances. Now, I like Salon. I think it’s pretty damn good. However, I do find it a little amusing that they’re almost pitching it as if it’s the readers’ responsibility to keep Salon alive. Salon, last I checked, isn’t a non-profit. It is a business – and as such, it’s their responsibility to come up with a way to be profitable. There are (despite what the article says) plenty of independent content sites out there. Most of them, though, are small, and run carefully. Salon’s mistake was to assume they could create this huge news organization before they figured out how to pay for it. I wish them the best of luck, but I don’t think they should portray themselves as victims here.

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