Cell Phones Are Getting Too Small?

from the they-can-never-be-too-small dept

Personally, I won’t be satisfied until a cell phone is embedded into my head. I hate carrying around the damn thing. However, some strange people are complaining that cell phones have become too small. I have no clue what they’re talking about. There are plenty of larger models on the market – which they should feel free to buy. I want the march towards miniaturization to continue.

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Comments on “Cell Phones Are Getting Too Small?”

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Phillip says:

No Subject Given

Don’t believe this article for a moment. I don’t know of anyone that complains their phone is too small, and those with larger phones always complain it’s like a brick. As for dialling in the pocket, if this is a problem get a flip-phone. Not surprised Erikson is losing share: poor build quality (phones tend to turn themselves off for no reason) and lack of ‘cool’ features. The top phone I have, and is being bought by just about everyone I know, is the Sony Z5. It’s smaller than the phones mentioned yet is catching on like wildfire. The jog-dial is excellent. Plus it has personal organiser, alarm, web (proper MSIE, not just WAP), answerphone built into handset, and so many other features! These guys are talking twaddle.


xdroop (user link) says:

Re: hey cool phone...

Don’t get too excited about that jog-dial feature. The phones that came with our PCS service used Sony 1200 series phones which had the jog-dial. Great idea, until the contacts on the wheel wear out. At that point, the jog-dial sometimes jumps three entries if you twitch it, and other times won’t advance at all even if you are firm with it. Several friends had the phone and we all had the same problem with it. I had my phone for two years, and even though I practically never used it I ran into this problem. The heavier users of this phone reported problems within six months. Sony might have improved their technology/manufacturing, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

On the other hand, I loved that phone because even though it was a brick and was rated one of the worst for antenna radiation emissions, you could get a solid digital signal while encased in a concrete box. My wife’s Sanyo thing is a piece of junk for getting signals, and while my newer Sanyo is better than my wife’s, it still can’t compare to the Sony’s ability to lock and hold a signal.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: hey cool phone...

Actually, both mhh5 and I had the old Sony’s that were available here in the US, and the jog dial was, without a doubt, the best interface on any cell phone I’ve ever used. I never had a problem with it in the two years I had that phone. I spoke with some friends at dinner last night about that Sony phone last night, and they all agreed that the jog dial is a great interface. However, they said it was unlikely that the phone would make it over here any time soon (and they know more about these things than I do).

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