Blame Game, Part III

from the this-time-it's-the-investors'-fault dept

There were a bunch of “who should we blame for the dot com bubble” articles a while back. Some of which Techdirt posted here. ?We even had a poll. ?Apparently, none of that answered the final question, because is back with another article saying that individual investors should blame themselves for not being realistic. ?To some extent, I agree. ?I questioned why people threw so much money at businesses they didn’t understant (that, in fact, no one understood). ?However, I think that even the most skeptical individual investor – at some point realized he or she would be crazy not to put at least some money into the craze. ?Everyone around them was seeing huge gains for no discernable reason. ?Sure, it made no sense – but when every newspaper, magazine, TV show, expert, analyst, neighbor, friend, and co-worker is talking about how you should invest, I could understand why a few people missed out on doing their own research. ?It’s not an excuse, but I don’t think it’s fair to condemn them all.

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