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Earlier today I complained to the when I saw that they served up not one, but two pop up ads when I went to read some article. I wrote them and told them it made their site look like a porn site. They wrote back pretty quickly to say that they were still experimenting with these “pop under” ads and they appreciated the feedback and were very interested in what people had to say (so I encourage you to email them at and explain to them why pop up ads are annoying and bad). However, I’d never heard the term “pop under ads” which is how they described them. It turns out that pop under is the new term for pop up ads that stay hidden behind your browser. Unfortunately, the quotes in the article make it sound as though these are catching on – and actually working. The only reason they’re working is probably because they’re confusing the hell out of people who wonder why this extra site is suddenly open on their screens. Tricking people into viewing your ads doesn’t seem like a really smart business strategy. It seems like desperation.

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Comments on “Now Serving… Pop Under Windows”

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Brian says:

do banner/popup ads work at all?

I just don’t get it — the whole point of the web (imho) is that I can go find what I want to find. If I buy something online it’s because I want to and went and sought it out. I don’t believe I’ve ever intentionally clicked on a banner (or popup or whatever) ad. If you want to sell something, put some useful information up and people will find it. Thankfully junkbuster does wonders for insulating me from a lot of this crap, but until there’s a filtering proxy that can remove obnoxious javascript crap I guess I’ll have to suffer.

Carmen says:

Popup Ads

The curious thing is that most people say they detest popup or popunder or pop anything ads. They annoy the heck out of me and I click them off before they even load. I subscribe to several online marketing and advertising discussion lists. The list participants — in great numbers — say that they use popups because they produce results. So somebody out there is clicking on these things and actually converting. So as long as advertisers meet their advertising objectives, I guess popups are here to stay.

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