Pride Destroyed Lucent Merger

from the how-much-is-it-worth-to-make-a-deal-look-good? dept

The rumors are flying about the collapse of the Lucent-Alcatel merger/acquisition. Basically, the feeling is that Lucent’s chairman bailed out because he didn’t want it to look like an acquisition, but a merger of equals. This is ridiculous. The fact is that almost any “merger” is really an acquisition in the end, and it seems that if everything else makes sense for a deal – perception over the merger/acquisition issue seems like a stupid sticking point. That said, there was plenty of other evidence flying around suggesting that no matter how they set up the deal it would be bad news for one or both companies. For those of you who have some philosophical problem with stories from the NY Times (you know who you are) here’s a similar (though less focused) version of the story from

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Comments on “Pride Destroyed Lucent Merger”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

This got me thinking. For all the crap that readers here have been giving me about the NY Times (and again, I repeat that it’s really really easy to find a user name/password combo that is available out there and will let you into their site without giving away any personal info), they are so much better than many of these free sites.

They don’t give me anoying pop up ads. They don’t try to get me to subscribe to the paper version. The layout is clean and quick. While they do occasionally (and not very often) have stories that go onto multiple pages they are the only content site I’ve seen that officially has a “single page view” (and not just a “printable view” as a way to fake that). I really don’t think that having to register once (with whatever information you want) and leaving a cookie is that big a price to pay for such things.

And, I haven’t even mentioned the fact that the content they have tends to be pretty good, too…

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