Virtual Murder Confessions At Anandtech

from the crazy-stories dept

Following on the story this morning about people playing opposite gender roles online comes the following insane story from the Register. It seems that over at Anandtech (a popular hardware news site), a male reader created a female online persona (to go along with the male persona he already had). He just wanted to see what it was like. When the online pickup attempts became too much, he started to “date himself”. So his two online personas were dating each other – to keep other guys from trying to pick up the female. When it all became too difficult to keep up he killed off the female persona in a tragic car accident, which of course, caused an outpouring of sympathy. So, he’s finally admitted to the “murder” as well as the deception, and (not surprisingly) people are pissed off. Who said going online wasn’t fun any more?

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