New Economy Magazines Doomed

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We’ve already discussed it, and we all already know it, but most of those new economy magazines are doomed. The article gives a good explanation of why. It also describes them as “extreme management magazines” which seems pretty descriptive. They’re like the XFL of business magazines. They may look exciting, but when you get down to the actually game, there’s not much substance. The article also points out that now slimmer magazines all seem to focus on two types of articles. It’s either the “things aren’t that bad” article or the “let’s try to hype up something boring like supply chain management” type article.

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Comments on “New Economy Magazines Doomed”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: fast company

Yeah. A few years ago I let all my magazine subscriptions run out. I realized I was too busy actually working to read any of them. Anyway, when Business 2.0 came out, for some reason I subscribed because it was $12 for one year, and someone told me it was quite good. I read a couple of issues, and they were okay, and then I tried to let my subscription run out… and it’s been coming ever since. I can’t remember the last time I actually opened an issue – other than out of curiosity to see which suckers are still actually advertising in those magazines.

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