How Sun Is Doing

from the from-the-dot-in-dot-com-to-the-o-in-old-economy dept

With all the focus on how badly Cisco has done over the past few months, no one has paid much attention to Sun. Turns out that, while things are not necessasrily going great over there, so far things haven’t been as bad as other big tech companies. One of the reasons for this is that Sun has gone through bad times before, and so they have some experience with how to deal with it. Unlike Cisco, Sun recognized that the problems in the economy would effect them, and reacted accordingly. Of course, there are still plenty of questions and challenges for Sun, but their first reaction to the downturn has gone well. Even though they wanted to be the “dot in dot com” they also tied themselves closely to many Fortune 500 firms, and are falling back on those relationships for now.

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