Chicago Man Gets Community Service For IBM Graffiti

from the that-sucks dept

How much would this suck? You get hired to do a simple job for one of the biggest companies in the world, IBM, and then you get arrested for it. The guy who got arrested for spray painting Linux-inspired graffiti has to perform community service. This seems a bit unfair, as it’s not like he was really at fault here. If I were him, I’d sue IBM.

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Comments on “Chicago Man Gets Community Service For IBM Graffiti”

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1 Comment
Titec says:

The contractor tried to short change IBM...

The contractor was asked by IBM to use Bio-degradable Chalk. Instead he thought he might save some money and just use spray paint. What IBM was asking was ok with the city of Chicago, spray paint was not. The article you linked to was incorrect on other points as well, including the fact that IBM did get in trouble in San Fran, and here. for using the chalk and had to pay fines and clean it up. In the future you may want to evaluate your news sources.

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