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Why Microsoft Killed Office XP Subscription Plan

from the there-never-was-a-plan-in-the-first-place dept

Sneaky Microsoft. David Coursey’s latest theory is that Microsoft’s recently announced plans to “cancel” their planned “subscription pricing” for Office XP shouldn’t be seen as Microsoft caving in. Instead, he claims that Microsoft never actually intended to offer subscription pricing for this version of Office XP. They just said they were going to in order to gauge consumer reaction (which was strongly negative). They also hope that by continuing to bring it up, consumers will slowly get used to the idea, and be desensitized – so that when they eventually do offer subscription pricing, the complaints won’t be so loud. Not a bad conspiracy theory. Now, if he could just work into it what the real reason for Mundie’s speech was, as well as why Microsoft purposely lost the first round of the anti-trust case – then I’d be impressed with his “conspiracy theory” creating abilities.

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