High Tech Peeping Not Illegal In Many States

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An “isn’t this horrible” article over at ABCNews.com pointing out that many states don’t have any sort of laws that protect the victims of high tech peeping. I’ve heard second (or third) hand stories about people who found out about hidden cameras in their office building bathrooms that sent these secretly filmed images to internet sites. It sounded like a big urban legend to me. However, it sounds like there might be some truth behind such stories. I do find it hard to believe that the victims of such films don’t have much legal protection, though. There must be some sort of law already on the books that covers unauthorized videos of someone. Does anyone know any more about the law and have more details on this?

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Comments on “High Tech Peeping Not Illegal In Many States”

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peeping tom says:

video recording...

Nope, in most states, video isn’t illegal, just audio, so as long as you disable the audio on your camcorder, you can tape as much as you like…

From Oregon:

“During the summer of the 1996, there was an incident in the Portland area where it was discovered that patrons of a tanning salon had been video taped from a remote location as they disrobed in private. The law provided no protection for invasion of personal privacy, except from unauthorized audio recordings. Video and photographic recording had no similar protection and the person accused of taking the Portland videos went uncharged with any crime.”

They have since passed a law outlawing this type of behaviour… SB 1076.

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