Internet Collapsing?

from the it-will-come-back-better-and-stronger dept

u2604ab writes “Bruce Tognazzini, one of the men responsible for the original Macintosh interface (and by conjecture, the Windows95 – 2000) interface, writes a monthly column on his website. This month’s column seems to fit a Techdirt theme of late, and is kinda funny at times in the analogies it draws between the Video Game Console shakeout of the 1980’s and the internet shakeout happening now.” Basically the column makes all sorts of comparisons to earlier industry shakeouts that show the end result being better companies and better products.

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Comments on “Internet Collapsing?”

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1 Comment
Brian says:

Grandpa Bell

Pretty decent article. However I don’t agree that the phone companies don’t want ANYTHING to do with improving infrastructure. It’s more likely that they can’t afford the insane pricetag for laying fiber. These guys would benifit heavily from highspeed broadband, however the deal is alot more attractive if someone else foots the bill.

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