TheGlobe's Founders Going Through Their Midlife Crises At 27

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I guess today is all about dot com people who are too full of themselves to realize that people don’t pity them. For the latest “sob story” read all about the two poor founders of who didn’t become nearly as rich as they thought they were becoming – but still got caught on CNN in plastic pants saying, “Got the girl. Got the money. Now I?m ready to live a disgusting, frivolous life.” Stephan’s now going to make a movie about his life, starring himself, because he seems to think that everyone else in the world thinks he’s as great as he does in his own mind.

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Comments on “TheGlobe's Founders Going Through Their Midlife Crises At 27”

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Clous, The says:

the globe guys, what would make them really stupid

front page of WSJ today, too. i am just wondering if these guys held on to their stock, or most of it, till the end or what…$250K at .05/share is a lot of shares. wondering how long and how much they were locked up. what would make them very stupid, and really misrepresent the typical cornellian, if if they were too daft to sell those shares right after each lockup / vesting period, and decided to hold on to the paper cause they thought the company and price was coming back. that would be really idiotic. no big deal about dancing on tables, having chicks, and being a tad decadent. boys will be boys. (although the leather/plastic pants thing does bug the shit out of me, even in nyc). hell, what the WSJ didn’t tell you was that Egan (actually, the entity was Dancing Bear Investments) exited w/ a lot of cash, quickly, probably as fast as he could .

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