The Deaf Are Buying Cell Phones

from the SMS-to-the-rescue dept

It seems that in Europe, cell phones are very popular with people who can’t hear. While this sounds odd, it turns out that they use the SMS text messaging to communicate all the time. Of course, if that’s the only feature they use, why don’t they just make specialized SMS devices that don’t have any of the other cell phone features. If they put it in the form of a Blackberry or other similar pager, it would probably be a lot more useful.

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Comments on “The Deaf Are Buying Cell Phones”

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1 Comment
Taylor Kennedy says:


Hello, Im 17 yrs old and I want a Texting cell phone. I was gonna buy the Wynd Teller pager and my mom said that I dont need it because it has email in it. I already have email on computer so I dont need one. Can you tell me what kind of cell phone is good for the deaf? what brand of the cell phone should I look @? Thanks. Write back soon.

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