Webhosts Fighting

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Who can you trust online these days? Following reports that webhosting firm ADDR.com was hacked and credit cards used by customers of the company were stolen – another hosting company, ExpertHosting began spamming ADDR.com customers telling them to switch to their hosting solution. People who signed up with ExpertHosting, and gave them their credit card number were simply presented with a “thank you” page, and no information on how to use their account – or if they actually had an account. ADDR.com is now saying that ExpertHosting is just a credit card stealing scam, and ExpertHosting says that’s libel and they’re going to sue. Of course, ExpertHosting has given no evidence that they’re not just stealing credit cards, and they didn’t give any contact info to the reporter who questioned them, nor did they give the names of any actual sites hosted by them. What this means, though, is that some poor souls may have just had their credit card numbers stolen for the second time in a week.

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