Sex, E-Mail & Modem Media

from the oops dept

In yet another move of email stupidity, a series of emails between the founder of vivid studios and the COO of Modem Media have been circulating the net. Modem Media bought vivid a while back, but apparently there was quite a bit of culture clash – and most of the vivid folks left. Modem Media recently sold the domain to a porn shop, angering many former vivid employees, including the founder who had offered to buy the domain himself – but was never given the chance. There was a not-so-nice exchange between the two, and then an even less nice email from the COO of Modem Media that was not intended for a mass audience – but which got it anyway. In the wake of all of this Modem Media has been forced to donate the proceeds from the sale to charity – thereby negating the whole reason they sold the domain to the porn shop in the first place: it made the most business sense since they were offering the highest bid.

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