Napster-Proof Music

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An interesting article from (republished at Salon) about copy protecting music CDs. At first it talks about the very first copy protected CD that is supposed to be released in the US sometime soon, but then goes on to explain copy protection schemes in more detail. Pretty interesting if you don’t know too much about how copy protection works (and it’s not a technical explanation at all, so you don’t need to be an engineer to understand). They also point out how people break these schemes, why copy protection might not work at all, and why it’s likely to piss off consumers. I just think it’s odd that an industry would spend so much effort to annoy their customers.

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Comments on “Napster-Proof Music”

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Storm Williams (user link) says:

Copy Protection Free CD's

DownSlam does not include any copy protection on the CD’s we sell. Also, under the warranty, if your media fails, we will replace it and the music for free. If out of warranty, we will replace the music and disc for the cost of the disc only. You already paid for the music once.

It is our hope that by NOT screwing the music customer at ever turn will create a bit of customer loyalty.

It could happen…

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