In Trouble

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For the past month or so the only good things people could say about dot coms was that the online job sites were doing well since so many people were getting laid off. Apparently, that might not be true either as has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It sounds as though they ran their business poorly as they blame a “high burn rate” for the problems, despite increased revenue.

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Comments on “ In Trouble”

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1 Comment
Chuck Reilly (user link) says:

Tears of a Clown

You’d think at Stanford or Wharton they’d teach you to charge for your company’s products and services. Or that you should do a test market to see if people will buy dog food C.O.D.

Restaurants South of Market are full of sobbing Dot-Com execs – consoling each other – the Market didn’t understand them; investors were cruel; the other employees “didn’t see the vision”
Sniffle sniffle!

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