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Dot Coms: Not Your Father's Company

from the that-might-be-the-problem dept

A summary of a segment on 60 Minutes II where Charlie Rose talks with three “dot coms” about their different culture. Huh? What year is this? Where’s the Nasdaq? These sorts of articles made sense two years ago when everyone was trying to pitch how cool their startup was to get smart folks to join them out of college. I guess it’s a cycle. These sorts of promotions were used to recruit before everyone was drooling at the mouth over stock option riches. So, now they’re trying to emphasize what a great work environment it is. You might not get rich… but it’s like going to college all over again! However, nowadays I think it rings hollow. It’s emphasizing culture over business plan and I think employees are looking for more stability these days. Besides, some of the quotes are pretty funny. I’m always scared to death of any company that claims they “have no politics – everything is out in the open”. Yeah, right. That’s what the CEO might believe – but I’d like to hear it from the rest of the staff.

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Comments on “Dot Coms: Not Your Father's Company”

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1 Comment
sb says:

No Subject Given

funny, i was having the SAME conversation in an IM this morning… (As you will see, my friend Lazlo is VERY insightful)

spongebrain: god that 60 min thing was SOOO outdated
spongebrain: passion, etc
spongebrain: “were chaging the world”
spongebrain: fucking NSCP emnployees said that
spongebrain: 1993
lazlo: yes
spongebrain: your fucking talkme or whaever aint chaging shit
spongebrain: go home to your families, asses

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