Hailstorm Of Epic Proportions

from the Microsoft-taking-over...-that's-a-surprise? dept

bfrank writes “Microsoft wants to make it clear to everyone that come March 19th, no one will be safe from the Hailstorm. Adding insult to injury, Microsoft broadens their ability to abuse consumers by now supporting the eBay API for delivering auction services as part of their .Net. So, there’s a flood of poorly written auction-based web-services coming (please, someone buy my twice-used toothpick collection!), and a hailstorm of MS P2P services (porn 2 porn, right?)…can someone just ask for the last judgement (from the Supreme Court) to end our pain?” They’re definitely trying… but the question is whether or not any of this will actually catch on. Microsoft has hyped up world-domination software before that has been less than appealing when it finally showed up.

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Comments on “Hailstorm Of Epic Proportions”

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Alan says:

No Subject Given

The ebay information is actually less of anything from microsoft and more of a service provided by ebay.
Ebay will actually provide a SOAP interface into their auctions, making the first (ok, maybe the second) step towards treating websites and their information as a distributed API for any XML/SOAP enabled client. It actually sounds pretty cool

bfrank says:

Re: No Subject Given


But how many used beanie babies does the world need?

Microsoft has a great track-record of delivering APIs, but not delivering great interfaces or interaction for technology. So we as the consumers are left with poorly designed and implemented services.

And for a first service, was eBay the best choice? I’d prefer more “run-of-the-mill” business services, like a plug-and-play subscription selling system. That way more than just your armchair junkies selling rusty war memoriabilia can actually make some real cool sites out of it.

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