Business 2.0 Up For Sale

from the when-does-version-3.0-get-released? dept

Apparently, the magazine Business 2.0 is being shopped around to other magazine publishers. The most likely buyer could be Time Inc, who would merge it with their eCompany Now magazine. At the very least, this would drop the number of those magazines by one, so I’m all for it. Also, maybe it would mean that I’d stop receiving Business 2.0. About two years ago I let my subscription to every single paper magazine run out (finally). Yet, Business 2.0 keeps on coming, despite the total lack of payment on my part.

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Comments on “Business 2.0 Up For Sale”

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lissel says:

Non-wanted magazines.

I find it funny that Business 2.0 is still sending you there magazine. the same things has happened to Me and The Industry Stadard. They even sent me the little “if you dont send money now we will unsubscribe you” threat letter. They still come though, and i havent given them any money. OF course, im still trying to figure out how i got subscribed to them in the first place.

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