Who To Blame For Dot Com Downturn

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Taking their idea from Techdirt’s latest poll, here’s an article that looks at who everyone is blaming for the dot com downturn. ?The results don’t look all that different than our poll results, with lots of folks blaming venture capitalists – while others blame everyone from inexperienced, young managers, to day traders, to Wall Street. ?Most people, however, refuse to blame themselves. ?Techdirt isn’t among those however. ?We fully accept any and all responsibility for the dot com downturn. ?That’s right, it’s all our fault.

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Comments on “Who To Blame For Dot Com Downturn”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

Why I voted for VCs

Although there’s plenty of blame to spread around, if that’s what one wants to do, the reason I chose VCs over inexperienced MBAs and day traders is that VCs should have known better, and they probably did. The inexperienced kids running these dot coms and the day traders were just being used by the VCs, who were basically perpetuating a scam to convert a bunch of risky ventures into publically traded companies so they could cash out as quickly as possible.

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