Changing The Cemetary Business In The Digital Age

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We’ve written a number of times about people trying to change the funeral business for the digital age, but how about changing the cemetary business for the digital age. That’s one someone is trying to do, by allowing people to create detailed online biographies of the deceased in his cemetaries. He’s trying to allow for “digital immortality”.

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Comments on “Changing The Cemetary Business In The Digital Age”

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Ed says:

I'm Skeptical

Are the flashy multimedia formats (like Real 8) used for these biographies going to be supported forever? Is the media going to be readable? Is this dot com even going to be in business in a year? Archiving information for the long term (decades, at least, preferably centuries) is a difficult problem for those few organizations that take it seriously.

Lindsay says:

Oh Yawn

I’ve been running an online cemetery since 1994 – mine was the first. About every 6 months someone has the brilliant idea about of starting this up as a business and now there are over a hundred such sites around the place. None of them doing any business though. Mine is free and there are 5000 memorials for people and 3000 for pets on it – if you don’t charge and you make it simple people use your system. The funeral industry (particularly inhte USA) isa one of the biggest ripoffs there is.

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